Finca Kassandra owned by the well respected Gabriel Rivas is situated in the mountainous Mesofilos forest at Huatusco. Just head from Tapachula towards the mountains and you can't miss it, there are coffee plants everywhere. Sitting at an altitude between 1,200-1,500 masl and stretched over 438 hectares is where you find this excellent floral scented bouquet that powers out of a cup of Kassandra. With arabica coffee varietals brought in from Dominican Republic and Cuba and having the well known Coffee growing region of Chiapas close to the Guatemalan border it's no wonder why this coffee taste so good. There are slight hints of chocolate, a delicate acidity medium body but overall a sophisticated clean lively coffee.

Coffee heritage dating back since the late 1800's and a current annual coffee production of 5,000,000 sixty kilogram bags places Mexico within the top 10 coffee producing nations. However, Mexican coffee growers did hit hard financial times in the late 19th century after the collapse of international coffee prices and the emergence of Coyotes, shonky coffee brokers. The emergence of cooperatives and a focus on sustainable farming practices revived the industry. Today, Mexico is one of the worlds largest producer of organic certified coffee.

Gabriel Rivas and his family are third generation coffee farmers. The Kassandra estate is very gifted with its unique microclimate having slightly cooler temperatures than the neighbouring estate Casa Blanca also owned by the Rivas family. To ensure the future production is purely based on quality, Don Guillermo, Gabriel┼Ť father visited Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica and Costa Rica bringing back coffee varieties in their purest form. He returned with Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai and Typica (Jamaican Blue Mountain) coffee bean varietals. The plantations were started in June 1997 at the beginning of the raining season and have been well appraised by coffee roasters world wide. The family does insist on maintaining the natural surroundings and has left 27 hectares of virgin rain forest to remain a refuge for natural wildlife. They are also planing to plant shade trees amongst the coffee trees to keep the soil moist during the dry season and provide an additional canopy for the native wildlife. Shade will reduce the yield per tree but improve the flavour and that's what Don Andrea┼Ť mission is all about which earns Kassandra Estate the important Rain Forest Alliance certification.

We are very fortunate to have such great people and coffee as part of our core business. I'll let you in on a well kept secret, you can experience the beautiful floral bouquet of Kassandra in our Yellow Blend.


Location - Huatusco region

Altitude - 1,200-1,500 masl

Bean Varietal - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Catimor

Process - Hand picked, Wet and dry mill.

Certification - RFA

Aroma - Fresh citrus with cocoa

Acidity - Sweet

Body - Medium

Flavour - Floral aroma, delicate acidity sweet subtle hint of chocolate very clean finish.


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