Steeped in tradition for more than a century of growing and processing coffee is why this coffee is very unique. Skills have been passed down through generations. This deeply rooted coffee producing culture separated by the great Amazon river and having coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans along with the famous Andes mountain ranges ensures that coffee is plentiful. Colombia is blessed with such a great geographical location and natural diversity that if you ever were to visit you can almost be sure to see coffee being harvested all year round.

The abundance of water and sunshine along with the high altitude collection of volcanoes situated near the equator makes Colombia one of the worlds best regions for growing very rich high quality coffee.

It's flavour is quite lively with strong citrus aroma complemented by a sweet molasses and a very long nutty finish.

Choosing a region from this great coffee producing country is a tough challenge, but, we can't go past the well respected flavour produced by coffee grown in the Pitalito Region. Pitalito is situated in the south western side of Huila, on the foothills of the Colombian Massif where the well known Magdalena and Cacua rivers run. In 1892 Leonidas Lara ran the first plantation from this region called Laboyos. His foresight along with the diligent local farmers produced exceptional quality coffee which became high in demand to the point where Pitalito is now called the new Colombian Coffee Axis. With the average farm size being only 1.5 hectares has resulted in a strong communal bonding focused purely on quality and forming" many associations and having their coffees certified by Fair Trade groups, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ body.

Pitalito offers ideal growing temperatures with minimal temperature fluctuations between 18-21 degrees Celsius ensuring a very consistent coffee. The main crop ripens for picking from October to January and then there's a smaller crop called the fly crop which develops from May to June.  The well accepted fresh lively flavour of Pitalito has been well rewarded when the first Cup Of Excellence programme was held in 2005 whereby 60% of the winners throughout Colombia came from the Pitalito region including the winner and runner up.

We must not forget it's nearby neighbour Bachue. This region has similar characteristics and we also incorporate coffee from Bachue amongst our blends and single origin offers.

And " great coffee"is what you get when you combine cultural heritage, good people with diverse natural gifts.



Location - Pitalito

Altitude - 1,300-1,800 masl

Bean varietal - Caturra, Typica, ColCastillo

Process - Washed

Certification - NA

Flavour - Crisp fruitiness with sweet molasses followed by lengthy nutty finish

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